Sortable-Hosted CMP and Google

This page describes how the Sortable-hosted CMP interacts with Google consent in order to deliver personalized or non-personalized ads.

There are several standard purposes that a user can consent to. Information storage and access and Ad selection, reporting and delivery are a standard purpose (IDs 1 and 3 respectively) that if consented to, allows non-personalized Google ads to be shown.

The Sortable-hosted CMP shows a custom publisher purpose (with ID 1 and titled Google Personalisation) to which a user must consent in order to be served personalized Google ads. The purpose lists all Google ad technology providers that a publisher has enabled in their DFP. The user needs to provide consent in order to allow all the partners to display personalized Google ads.

Here is an example of the CMP showing the custom publisher purpose:

This table outlines the relevant purposes to which a user can consent, and the type of Google ads that are shown:

How consent impacts Google ad servingPublisher purpose: Google Personalisation
ConsentNo consent
Standard purposes: Information storage and accessConsentPersonalized adsNon-personalized ads (1)
AND Ad selection, reporting, and deliveryNo consentPersonalized adsNo ads (2)

(1) If a user doesn't accept the Google Personalisation publisher purpose, but have accepted the Information storage and access and Ad selection, reporting and delivery purpose, then non-personalized ads are displayed.

(2) If the user doesn't accept the custom publisher purpose or both of the standard purposes, then no Google Ads can be shown. In addition, since DFP is required to serve header bidder creatives, no header bidding creatives can be shown. In effect, this disables ad serving.