Sortable for Prebid – Prebid adapter

Sortable for Prebid gives publishers access to Sortable Server-to-Server Demand via a Prebid.js adapter that they can integrate into their existing Prebid setup.


Prebid adapter versions

Support for Prebid version 1.17.0, 2.0

Prebid version 3.x support is coming soon

Ad formatsSupport display ad format (on Desktop and Mobile Web)
Responsive placementsRequest dynamic sizes based on viewport width using Prebid
FlooringSet a minimum floor in a Prebid request
Multi-size requestsSupport multi-size Prebid requests
Muti-size request floorsSupport setting unique floors per size in a multi-size Prebid request
Flexible tagId

Publisher-defined strings can be used as a tagId. The tagId is shown in reports and exposed to buyers.

GDPR CompliantSupport for Prebid's GDPR consent management framework (in version 1.x)
Publisher Block listsSupport for blocking bids by advertiser URLs, IAB Categories, or IAB Creative Attributes

Access Sortable's reporting dashboard with the ability to report by:

  • Day
  • Site
  • Country
  • Device
  • tagId

Integration Guide

Follow the integration guide to configure the adapter on your site.