Product Release Note – June 4, 2020

We have some exciting updates for the month of June. 

  • Update on our migration to Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP
  • Ability to customize persistent link locations for Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP
  • Upgrade to Prebid v3.14
  • Support for the “Nobid” Prebid adapter

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Update on migration to Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP

We’ll be migrating sites using Sortable’s hosted CMP solution to Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP within the next two weeks, with coverage for both CCPA and GDPR.

The only exceptions to this migration are sites that have implemented custom purposes with Sortable’s hosted CMP. CCPA coverage with Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP will follow the timeline above, but GDPR coverage will transition in July and include support for the IAB’s Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0

Customize persistent link locations for Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP

Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP includes default sticky or floating links to provide users under the jurisdictions of CCPA or GDPR with the opportunity to manage their consent settings while visiting your site. You can customize the location of these links to provide your site’s visitors with an optimal user experience. Further details and instructions can be found in our knowledge base here.

For more information on Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP, including required privacy policy updates for CCPA and GDPR, please visit our knowledge base.

If you are not already protecting your site(s) and business with Sortable’s hosted CMP solution, and would like to learn more, contact

Prebid v3.14 update with TCF v2.0 support

As part of adopting support for the IAB’s Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0, Sortable has completed an upgrade to Prebid v3.14 (previously v3.5). This version includes support for signals from TCF v2.0 compatible CMPs.

Sortable will be fully adopting TCF v2.0 in coming weeks in accordance with timelines set by the IAB Europe. The IAB Europe recently voted to extend support for TCF v1.1 to August 15th, 2020 (previously June 30th, 2020), due to the impact of COVID-19 on publisher operations.

Please note, if you are sourcing your own CMP and plan to update for TCF v2.0, please consult with Sortable on timelines prior to moving forward, to ensure TCF v2.0 can safely be enabled for your site(s).

New Prebid bidder adapter support

Sortable has added support for the “Nobid” Prebid adapter. If you have an account with Nobid, and would like to include their bidder for additional competition on your advertising inventory, contact