Onboarding Timeline – Sortable Hosted

The typical duration for a Sortable Hosted Onboarding is 2–4 weeks. This is dependent on the turnaround from our demand partners' approvals and from your team on the Ad Exchange form, code changes, and test page.

  • Week 1: Sortable Team Preparation
    • Once we have the information for your ad unit tags, we will create the units in our system and provide a login for you to be able to copy the code to create your test page. I will also send a follow-up email with full integration instructions. 
  • Weeks 2–3: Test Page Preparation and Deployment
    • Once you have set up the code changes with the information provided, we will be ready to review them on a test page or to verify them on a live environment. Please provide a test page no later than two (2) weeks from starting the onboarding.
    • If you choose to set up the changes on your live environment, ensure this happens on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday between 9am and 11am EST, after getting approval from Sortable. We want to ensure your onboarding is successful, and to do so, we need to verify that we have enough demand partners enabled before launch. Sortable will run a series of tests and get back to your team with any necessary changes.
  • Week 4: Monitoring
    • After your site has passed our checks, we will monitor your site and partner performance.