New Articles

  1. Reporting on Sponsored Video

    How to run a report on Sponsored Video in Sortable Analytics.
  2. May 2020

  3. Product Release Note – June 4, 2020

    We have some exciting updates for the month of June.  Update on our migration to Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP Ability to customize persistent link locations for Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP Upgrade to Prebid v3.14 Support...
  4. CCPA & GDPR – Custom link locations

    Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP includes default sticky or floating links to provide users under CCPA or GDPR with the opportunity to manage their consent settings while visiting your site. You can customize the location of these links to prov...
  5. Sortable Video

  6. Ad placements

    Curious about Sortable's available ad placements? Here's a page describing all of the ad placements we have available and their corresponding device types and ad formats. ...
  7. Product Release Notes – May 4, 2020

    Here are our updates for May! Quantcast CMP for CCPA & GDPR Sponsored video ad format (beta) Additional measures to protect our publishers You can reach us at . We’d love to hear from you! Your Sortable Product...
  8. April 2020

  9. Sortable-hosted Quantcast CMP

    Sortable partnering with Quantcast to provide hosted CMP solution for CCPA and GDPR Sortable is excited to announce our partnership with Quantcast, as we continue to provide our publishers with a hosted CMP solution compliant with current and upcom...
  10. API documentation